Well, Jim, my opponent is a lying sack of shit

Known for cheating orphans and for sucking on the tit

Of Moloch and the Golden Calf.  He combs his hair with spit.


I’m glad you asked that question, Jim, and my opponent’s answer–

From Mister Job Creator here, the big-shot wealth enhancer–

He wants the uninsured to die a painful death from cancer.


He wants to make you straighten out your poor pathetic lives

But mostly wants to guarantee the hoity-toity thrives.

His tax returns would show he’s got at least a dozen wives.


He torments children in the street with noogies and with pinpricks

Sneaks up on nuns to goose them and gives raspberries and shin kicks

To anyone who can’t afford a horse in the Olympics.


And Jim, if I can take a moment here to summarize

My opponent wants to stick hot needles in your eyes

He’s never had to look for work, or miss a meal, or beg, yet

His idea of “trickle down” is gonna get your leg wet.