“With the Dow Jones Industrial average flirting with a record high, the split between American workers and the companies that employ them is widening and could worsen in the next few months as federal budget cuts take hold.”–New York Times, March 4, p. 1.

If you’re a broker, banker or investor

Your basic one-percent well-feathered-nester

In River Oaks or Greenwich or Westchester

Whose kid will be in Paris next semester

Just go ahead and name your yacht “Sequester.”

But if you’re someone dressed in polyester

Some sucking-on-the-governmental-breast-er,

Living way out in the Middle West, or

Someplace even bleaker and oppressed-er.

Step into our cyber-scan means-tester!

Empty all your pockets, get undressed, sir.

You won’t be around to bug and pester

The taxpayers. Put on this nice life vest, sir.

I’m afraid that you’ve been chosen for sequester.