So you have to blame Bush, you have to blame Obama, you have to blame Maliki, there’s plenty of blame to go around.--David Brooks on NPR

When the airplane hits the ground

And when the ship is sinking

Time to spread the guilt around

It saves a lot of thinking.


Now David Brooks has spoken.

He holds forth to proclaim:

The rule–if something’s broken,

We all must share the blame.


If the path ahead dead-ends

He never would admit

It was paved by his old friends

Ankle-deep in shit.


David Brooks’s commentary

Is nothing if not fair

(Although perhaps he isn’t very–

Shall we say, self-aware?)


If all those little Cheniacs

So arrogant and shameless

Were criminals and maniacs,

Obama can’t be blameless.


Point no fingers, but instead

Accept we’ve had a few bad breaks

If you’re wounded, if you’re dead

Everybody makes mistakes.