WASHINGTON, November 28, 2009: — President Obama and his wife, Michelle, had a face-to-face encounter with the couple who sneaked into a state dinner at the White House this week, White House officials acknowledged on Friday. The revelation underscored the seriousness of the security breach and prompted an abject apology from the Secret Service.

I have the honor to present
To you, Mr. President—
This fellow standing over here…
Oops, he went to get a beer.
Well anyway, when he comes back
I think his name is Joe, or Jack.
I have it in my other ‘Berry.
But this next couple’s very, very
Famous. He’s a movie star.
My kids could tell you who they are.
And here is Madame—wait a sec,
I’m looking for her background check.
She came with one of those two guys—
The bald one has a Nobel Prize.
The other, with the cummerbund,
Runs some bank or mutual fund.
The tall guy with the long gray beard
Looks familiar—gee, that’s weird.
He’s wearing sandals and a turban.
He spit into that woman’s bourbon.
That kind of thing could make you nervous.
If you didn’t trust the Secret Service.