A wily coyote led NYPD officers on an hours-long chase on the Upper West Side Wednesday after multiple people called to report sightings of the animal near West 87th Street, then 30-some blocks away and finally in Riverside Park before police contained it near Grant’s Tomb, authorities said.

Oh bury me not on the Upper West Side

Where Akitas poop and coyotes hide

And little old ladies with NPR bags

Ride the 104 bus to Gristedes and d’Ags.

Lay me to rest in the gathering dark

Where my soul needn’t circle for hours to park

And let not my bed for that cold endless night

Be covered with menus from Szechuan Delight.


Dig me a grave, when my time shall arrive

Far from the joggers on Riverside Drive

The strollers, the bikers, the tai-chi devotees

Raccoons and pigeons and rats and coyotes.