Bristol Palin, 24, who was paid more than $250,000 as a spokeswoman for abstinence education, announced she is pregnant. Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, gave birth to a son when she was in high school.  She has never been married.

The body is sacred and holy

So I’ve been taught to believe

Abstinence works, although slowly,

If you don’t want to conceive.


God doesn’t hold with impurity

He made contraception complex

To show that the only security

Is just saying no-no to sex.


Abstinence only avails you

I read it here on Wikipedia

And Mom says if it ever fails you

It must be the fault of the media.


Sometimes it takes years of trying

The days stretching out to infinity

But one day, before I am dying,

I hope I can master virginity.