The organized left is deliberately putting unvaccinated Trump supporters in an impossible position where they can either NOT get a life-saving vaccine or CAN feel like cucks* caving to the ugliest, smuggest bullies in the world. –

If they can force a COVID vax

Upon this once-free nation,

They’ll make you pay your income tax

And sneak in fluoridation.


Proposals for the  “common good”—

Democracy’s great curse

Liberals playing Robin Hood—

Will land us in a hearse.


“Live free or die” is my war cry

It’s tattooed on my bicep

And as you see, “Don’t tread on me,”

Is on this flag that I shlep.


A fully loaded M-16

Will take out social rot

Try and give me your vaccine—

I’ll match you, shot for shot.


So if you go and get the jab

And let yourself get stuck

Your moral fiber’s turned to flab

You’re just another cuck.


So go and beg and plead and wheedle

Argue, threaten, try to charm

You can stick your COVID needle

In my cold dead arm.


*”Cuck” (n.colloq.): A slur, derived from “cuckold,” invented by right-wing macho assholes to impugn the masculinity of supposedly weak-minded liberals.