Biden suggests Putin’s nuclear threats mean a ‘prospect of Armageddon’

“Nuclear Armageddon”:

It’s like a global head-on

Collision. We’ll be dead on

The day that’s marked in red on

God’s calendar. I’ve read John

Of Patmos’ Revelation

And know annihilation

Will come to every nation.


And that’s okay! The preachers say

Get down on your knees and pray

To live to hear, one blessed day,

God’s trumpet as its holy noise,

Calls the army of the Proud Boys

Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters

To do battle with dissenters,

Unbelievers, Muslims, Hindus,

Buddhists, Democrats and Jews. 

And so in anticipation

Of the coming Tribulation

The Second Coming, Armageddon,

I think I’ll put this suit of lead on.