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When the wind is howling and the tunnels start to fill

And the Hudson River rises with the tide

When the streets are deep in sewage like a giant toxic spill

The moment is upon you to decide


When the climate sends a signal that the tipping point is reached

And the oceans start to overrun the land

When the piers are disappearing and the final seawall’s breached

Maybe then it’s time to take a stand


A hurricane works wonders when it concentrates the mind

The world is going quite insane and many still are blind.

But when the waters drain away look closely and you’ll find

The hundred million people who are always left behind.



A rising tide will lift the boat

Of those who can afford one

Money keeps their ships afloat–

And only they can board one


The rest of us can wait and hope

While time keeps growing shorter

Till someone throws us out a rope

We’ll keep on treading water