Obama Declares War on Coal–Forbes magazine, Fox News, John Boehner, etc.

Four hundred million years ago

In the late Devonian

Sunlight’s energetic glow

Made the trees and forests grow

Rank and Amazonian.


Uprooted in some primal flood

Twig and branch and bole

Got buried in the murky mud

And turned into the blackened crud

That we now know as coal.


You can’t make carbon disappear.

What alchemical Magus

Unleashes on the atmosphere

Six billion tons, each blessed year

To air-condition Vegas?


What goes around will come around

As a cyclone or tornado.

Just ask someone who almost drowned

Whose house was leveled to the ground

Like it was made of Play-doh.


And so the battle lines are drawn

Around each frozen Pole

All I can say is bring it on

Before the icecaps all are gone

I’m happy to enroll.