Oh, brave new world to which you’re born!

Already you’re on Twitter.

If you’re hungry or forlorn

Just tweet @Babysitter.


So lucky you, society

Will fill your needs and wants.

A Miley Cyrus DVD,

Or donut-shaped croissants.

Stuff you didn’t know you’d bought

Will show up at your door.

Google knows your every thought

And orders it. Before

A passing fancy might be gone,

Fulfilment is a fait a

-ccompli, now that Amazon

Turns wishes into data.


The car you drive will steer itself

You’ll buy new knees right off the shelf

And robots will attach them.

And you might live a thousand years

Thanks to genetic engineers

Who’ll take your genes and patch them.


The triumph of technology

At last has been completed.

Good news for humanity!

Too bad about the chimpanzee

The polar bear, the honeybee,

And other out-competed

Species that could not adapt

The ones that will get swamped or trapped

By the rising sea.


And if you never feel the snow

At least you won’t be cold.

And as for me, I’ll have you know,

I’m awfully glad I’m old.