No pizza for you! God says you can’t sell a

Pie with tomato sauce and mozzarella,

Cater a dinner, sit-down or buffet

Of chicken marsala or salmon filet,

Make floral arrangements or bridal bouquets

If it’s promoting the lifestyle of gays.


No pizza for you! It’s not that I hate you,

It’s just I’m revolted when I contemplate you

Doing whatever it is that you do.

If I wanted to see it, I’d go to the zoo.


No pizza for you! I will hide the salami

Before I will serve it to “Joey and Tommy”

Amelia, Ophelia, or David and Tony

Won’t get to bite down on my pepperoni.


No pizza for you! You see my religion

Draws a distinction, upholds a division

Between marriage that’s holy and loving and trusting

And everything else, which is just plain disgusting.


Yes I’m a believer in live and let live

The Bible commands us, be humble, forgive

But a wedding requires and groom and a bride

Yours isn’t the sin for which Jesus Christ died.