On Saturday, the Somalia-based terrorist group Al Shabaab released a video calling for attacks on Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America and other shopping centers,–News reports

I pledge allegiance to the Mall

Of America! Far may it sprawl

To Canada, and to Nebraska

And on to Kansas and Alaska!

Its Stars and Stripes in glory waving

O’er the boundless plains of paving,

Divided into parking spots

Across a hundred parking lots

Whose access roads and fences trace

A region visible from space.

Each fountain and each potted tree

Proclaims our love of liberty

And in the food court, each French fry

And ice cream cone helps us defy

Terrorists who’d dare attack

A Dairy Queen or Radio Shack.

Let not any foreign tyrants

Come between us and Lane Bryants

Or any rifle-toting nut

Wreak mayhem on a Sunglass Hut,

Marshall’s, Hallmark, Cinnabon,

Gap, Forever 21,

Crocs or Coldstone Creamery

Disney Store or Gymboree.

And so take heed, you ISIS rabble

Spouting off your al-Shabaabble

As long as we can still afford some

Handbags, belts and shoes from Nordstrom

All your threats are never stopping

Americans from going shopping.