Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses here illegally:

I’ll throw them right back out the Golden Door

And drop their anchor babies in the sea.

America’s in trouble ‘cause it coddles

All the criminales in the mondo

We should only let in fashion models

And folks who can afford to buy a condo.

Good fences make–you know the rest,

As Fox News has reported–

Good neighbors. And the one that’s best

Is the neighbor who’s deported.

Kick out every thug and desperado

I’m all about America: The Brand!

I wouldn’t even eat an avocado

If it came across the Rio Grande

So vote for me to make this country great again!

Kick all those loser countries in the balls!

Greatness has to start with fear and hate, and then,

We can all be safe inside our walls.