A sudden silence fills the air, hush overtakes the crowd noise.

The Twitstorm passes out to sea, and blows away the Proud Boys,

Militia men and QAnon and all those other loud goys,

Living out their fantasy, a life of endless MAGA,

Patriotic cosplay, a neo-Nazi saga.


The alt-right herd of Boogaloos, “fine people on both sides,”

Have boogied out the exits, glad to save their hairy hides,

As changes sweep the landscape, unstoppable as tides,

And wash away the unwashed mob, who never got to MAGA.

The voice they hear inside their heads belongs to Lady Gaga.


The snake that’s on the Gadsden Flag is just an ouroboros,

Biting its own tail while being stepped on by George Soros.

The lizard-brained one lumbers off, just like a brontosaurus,

Or maybe a RINOceros, driven mad by MAGA,

Gone extinct like dodos, woolly mammoths or the quagga.