The Fake News is pushing the narrative hard 

A hurricane’s coming and flooding your yard

The Sound and the Ocean will turn Suffolk blue

Just Google “The Storm” (1) and the sayings of Q.

So listen up, Sheeple, before it’s too late,

Hurricane Henri: The next Watergate,

Created in China and launched in Caracas,

With hundred-foot waves, intended to knock us

Out of our houses, here on Long Island,

Making it cheap so the Clintons can buy land

And turn it all over for communal farming

Which is why patriots better start arming.

It’s all in a tweet by the guy from My Pillow

He showed me how hackers got into my Zillow

Like Tucker Carlson, it’s just that I’m curious:

Why are they calling the wind “fast and furious?” (2)

The hurricane “warning” is just a big hoax

To e-VAXX-uate you. Don’t fall for it, folks!

When all of our houses are just empty lots

They’ll round us all up make us take shots.

All these are questions that all should be asked.

The truth they are hiding will soon be … unmasked.

(1) “The Storm” was the imaginary operation in which the military and FBI rounded up a cabal of pedophiles associated with the Clinton and Obama administrations, a central prediction of the Q Anon conspiracy theory.

(2) “Fast and Furious” was the codename for a federal investigation of gun smuggling on the border with Mexico that went awry, a long-running obsession on Fox News.