Stand your ground! Stand your ground!

Chamber in another round!

That kid who’s standing on your steps

Isn’t here from UPS

His eyes are filled with rage and hate.

And besides, it’s half-past eight.

While you’re busy watching Tucker,

Just ignore the little fucker.

Or wait a second, take a look — he’s

Got a box of Girl Scout cookies!

What a pervert! What a queer!

I didn’t think they had those here!

It’s all part of Biden’s plans

Of turning the whole country trans.

I read somewhere those cookies may

Contain a drug that turns you gay.

Or worse, a scheme to hide the vax

By putting it inside your snacks.

So better not to take a chance!

Shoot first then check his underpants.

Put a stop to woke insanity,

Just in time to turn on Hannity.