Never desecrate a Bible,

Keep the Torah off the floor.

Burn the Koran and you’re liable

To set off a civil war.


They are all the words of God. He’ll

Crush you like a loathsome bug.

Even if you think they’re twaddle

Never let them touch the rug.


Every word and every comma

Of every sacred text is true.

Don’t cross out the words of Brahma

Or doodle on the Popol Vuh.


Do not fold or bend or spindle

Anybody’s holy book.

Hold it sacred on your Kindle

Don’t delete it from your Nook.


The words of God fill us with wonder–

Awesome, righteous, deep and loud–

Roll down on us like summer thunder

From Heaven in the Google Cloud.


From the moment He first spoke them

Men and women of good will

Find it handy to evoke them

When they arm themselves to kill.