“I’m for Mitt Romney.”–George W. Bush, issuing a four-word presidential endorsement as he got on an elevator.


Breviousness is the soul of wit.

Compared to some Ivy League snob

I’m endorsifying Mitt.

He’d do a heck of a job.


You know where Mitt Romney stands

He stands in the path of progressing.

Leadership is in his glands.

I’m giving him my blessing.


He’s got compassion for the wifes

Of working men and women

And hopes and dreams of better lifes

To which they won’t not give in.


In newspapers and in the press

They excruciate him.

They hate his successfulness.

Misunderestimate him


Mitt’s a man that’s Mormonistic,

And I oppose those who exploit

Religion, or because his daddy ran a big autistic

Company in Detroit.