“Dine With The Donald and Mitt–Donate $3 and you are entered for a chance to win”–fundraising pitch from Mittromney.com



Party like a one-percenter!

Whoop it up with Donald Trump!

It only costs three bucks to enter

The GOP of Forrest Gump!


It’s a ticket that’ll get you

Right out of your crummy lives.

Donald says he’d even let you

Date one of his former wives.


Tired of a life of losing?

Every paranoid flat-earther

Can have his 15 minutes schmoozing

With the billionairoid birther.


And that’s not all! The winner’s going

To be driven, pushed or tugged

To a special private showing

With Ron Paul of “Atlas Shrugged”


And you remember Governor Perry:

For a modest contribution

You can join him and make merry

At his state’s next execution.


Followed by a day of shooting

With Dick Cheney at a quail

And join the bankers in their looting

And never have to go to jail.