One sun rose on us today thanks to the efforts of

the job creators among us who didn’t wait

around for the government to raise the sun,

not like some who just want things

from the solar system. Who think the sun

rises by itself. Who don’t care

if it’s there for future generations of Americans.


From Mount Desert Island to La Jolla

and all the places in between where the

light glistens on the dew on the greens

of a million golf courses, where

the first foursomes are teeing up

and someone—I don’t recall his name at the moment—

is polishing Anne’s Cadillacs in the porte-cochere.

The sun rose and is making the trees grow to the right height

to shade the deck without dropping crap into the pool.

And if not, we’ll get the boy in to prune them. 

The sun is rising and Americans are

waking up to responsibilities.

Checking their portfolios.

Consulting with clients.

Incorporating themselves.

Engaging in sport, if you will.

Greeting each other, saying,

Good morning, sir.