Miami lineman Richie Incognito suspended for bullying a teammate into quitting–News item

Hi there, rookie lineman, welcome to the NFL!

We’re pleased to have you join us and to make your life a hell

We want you to be happy and to help you find your place

As long as you’re okay with being teased about your race

Be sure to call your teammates “sir” and all the coaches “mister”

And bring around your family, ‘cause we’d like to rape your sister.


It’s watching lots of football that makes the country strong

It teaches us that bullying will make folks go along

So all you little countries with your dainty little sports

That you play in silly costumes or in funny little shorts

You’d better not step out of line, or you’ll just be finito

Don’t get us mad or we’ll unleash our inner Incognito.