Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, famous among New Yorkers for advertising his dermatology practice with subway placards, has retired. 

Dr. Zizmor calls it quits

He will leave us to our zits

Having reached the very acme

In the field of treating acne

Now in golden years desists

From a life of draining cysts.


And so for us, our imperfections,

Show up in our rude complexions,

Reflected in the grimy glass

Of the subway rushing past.

Humanity was born in sin

And ever strives for clearer skin.


Looking up, we met his calm

Visage, like a holy balm.

He saw us warts and all, our souls

Freckled, wrinkled, full of moles.

God extends to us his gracious

Love, but our vile, sebaceous

Nature clogs our every pore.

Salvation came from Doc Zizmor.


Sing we then the Doc’s doxology:

A hymn to subway dermatology.

Zizmor never chose to answer

The call to seek a cure for cancer,

Hypertension or dementia,

Would find him mostly in absentia.

He fought the other things that blight us–

Psoriasis and dermatitis–

And lived a life of humble, simple

Service fighting every pimple.