Donald Trump said on Fox News Sunday that he did plan to start acting more presidential 

‘You’re going to be so bored, you’re going to say this is the most boring human being I’ve ever interviewed,’ Trump continued. 

‘I think if I act very presidential I’ll be dull, but that will be fine,’ he added.



Donald Trump is going presidential

Sober, measured, utterly discreet

He will be judicious and prudential

Even when he’s sending off a tweet.


Donald Trump will showcase his potential

To turn the other cheek and bow his head.

He’ll be humble, meek and deferential,

Quoting from the Bible by his bed.


His speeches will be grave and consequential

And every thought he utters will connect

Nothing hyperbolic or tangential

And every fact will be quadruple checked.


Yes, Donald Trump is going presidential

We’ll see a side of Trump we’ve never known.

The one thing to remember that’s essential:

The president he means is Juan Peron.