To the Editor:

I am writing to express my disappointment over Paul Krugman’s June 8 column, “Yellen’s New Alliance Against Leprechauns.” This is not the first time your columnist has used the word “leprechaun” when referring to Ireland, and I see it as my duty to point out that this represents an unacceptable slur. I do not go along with Mr. Krugman’s disingenuous excuse that “the Irish have a sense of humor” about his attacks on us...–Daniel Mulhall, ambassador of Ireland to the United States, New York Times, July 11.


In Ireland they get the joke.

But nowadays, we all are woke.

They got their Irish up and spoke

On behalf of Little Folk.


Sharing our weird obsessions:

With mini-slurs, micro-aggressions,

Seeking out those small transgressions

No matter how baroque.


Now we all must watch ourselves

Not to speak ill of the elves

Always be alert and wary

For words that might insult a fairy,

Or any unintended slight

Toward a dwarf or gnome or sprite,

Meanly cast aspersions on

The iconic leprechaun.


And so we come, on both knees bended,

To any creature we offended.

Just because you aren’t real

Doesn’t mean that you can’t feel.

Help us cleanse our hearts and souls.

We respect you even if you’re trolls.