According to The Atlantic, Republicans’ only plan for getting rid of Donald Trump is to hope for him to die.

Oh Lord, we beseech thee and ask for Thy blessing,

We’ve got a problem You should be addressing:

Our party’s in danger of having a spinout. 

The candidate field is in need of a thin out.

And if You wonder for whom the bell tolls

Please take a moment to look at these polls

And then in Your goodness, start growing a lump

On something vital in Donald J. Trump.

He eats only burgers and drinks Diet Coke

God knows what’s in them. (You get the joke.)

Somewhere I read they can give you a stroke

Or catch in your windpipe and cause you to choke.

I’ll send you a diagram and mark with a spot,

The place where we’d like You to send down a clot.

Lord in Your bounteous wisdom and mercy

Check out his golf course, someplace in Jersey.

His red hat is easy to see from above

And in Your Glory, your limitless love

That is a signal to do what You do

You know the saying, “a bolt from the blue”?

Or, with your infinite power and reach,

Do it the next time that you’re in Palm Beach.

Lord hear our prayer, let it be Thy will

To help out Republicans here on the Hill

It’s not asking much, you just have to kill

Donald J. Trump, and send him the bill.