“We know the answers, it’s no big surprise

Considering the media only prints lies

The whole phony story about Chinese spies

Was meant to confuse us. It’s all a disguise.”


“This isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory

Mysterious objects appearing to hover

Over Alaska. It sounds pretty eerie.

Except that we all know it’s only a cover.”


“There is ancient Egyptian papyrus

Predicting that someday an alien race

Has plans to destroy us, using a virus

Packed in balloons and launched into space.”


“Sources are saying the Jewish space laser

Is aimed at our country, so we can’t be wimps

This is a clear case to use Occam’s Razor

To puncture the lies and bring down the blimps.”


“I’m just asking questions, but I’ve got a brain.

The only solution is building a wall,

From British Columbia right through to Maine

Three thousand miles long, and fifteen miles tall.”


“We know the truth about what is aboard

The ‘objects.’ Ask yourself, what is it worth

To see Donald Trump to the White House restored

When JFK Jr. comes back to Earth?”